How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

 Get started for the big day that is just around the corner. Bride and Grooms dream for this special day all their lives. So how do you begin planning? Where do you start?! Know how to plan your dream wedding with these helpful tips and excellent checklist.

Plan your budget and choose your colors

The first thing that needs to be considered while planning your dream wedding is working on a budget and making sure you don’t blow all your money on one detail of the wedding, like your bride’s jewellery. There are various ways in which you can have a great wedding celebration on a limited budget. Also, choose a good color palette according to the theme. You can choose colors for summer, spring or autumn.

Set the Date

Setting the date is one of the most important things when you are planning for a wedding. Popular vendors, venues, bands, and photographers need to be booked well in advance as they are in great demand. You also need to work according to the date so that everything is perfect by the date. Choose the best venue as per your requirements and likings and accordingly set the date. Capitall Marquees in Essex are a management team who will help you to plan your dream wedding in the best possible way? These are a few factors as to how you can plan your dream wedding in a grand way.


Make Your Wedding Tables Stand Out

Make Your Wedding Tables Stand Out

Weddings are truly remarkable events and experiences. They have the capability to change a person’s life completely usually for the good.

They include activities and functions that leave a long-lasting impact on guests that are attending the wedding. Weddings everywhere are a sight to behold and no stone is left unturned in making them the best event in all of the attendee’s lives.

One of the most prominent and important elements in a wedding is certainly the tables placed at the wedding location. They have the capability to change the entire scenario and mood of the wedding.

This article will explain the things a host can do to make their wedding tables stand out. There are numerous things they could do to satisfy guests of all ages and moods. Listed below are some of the top things one can do to make their wedding tables stand out.

  • Wedding Sweets: A wedding is a happy and celebratory occasion. And what better thing to celebrate this particular occasion than sweets. Sweets have the capacity to instantly change a sombre person’s mood and make them joyful. You could add personalised love hearts to the mix of sweets to add your own personal touch. A wedding table full of sweets is unlike any other. Especially when you have personalised banners from the guests of all ages especially kids are bound to be satisfied by the presence of sweets on the wedding table along with custom fun & vibrant banners. Certainly one of the top things to make your wedding table stand out truly.
  • Centrepiece Ideas: Another top option to make wedding tables special and unique is the addition of centrepiece ideas. These ideas make wedding tables stand out for their unique beauty. There are many centrepiece ideas one can use for their weddings. There are many beautiful designs and shapes of centrepiece ideas that make a wedding table truly magnificent.
  • Gifts/Games: Gifts and games are known for their ability to please the receiver highly. Wedding guests usually moan about the lack of importance they receive while at a wedding. This idea of gifts and games at a wedding table can mitigate this longstanding problem. Gifts and games can be arranged at a wedding table without much hassle and can especially benefit the kids present at the wedding. Instead of running around and creating a nuisance, they can instead sit at the table and play games to take their minds of anything else.

There are many other things one can do to make their wedding tables and as a result, their weddings stand out. At the end, however, it all depends on the host and how they think best regarding the arrangements for their wedding.

To conclude, all of these items are unique and almost certainly are set up to succeed and make the wedding table truly stand out and be remembered for a long period of time. This is s because they generate interests and satisfaction from all age groups who have come to celebrate the wonderful occasion.

All in all, these items can be used for wedding tables at any sort of wedding occasion regardless of size and religious preferences.


Why Hire Wedding Cars?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Because of this, people are pulling off all the stops to ensure that it’s a day that will go down in history. Of course, the ultimate thing that makes a marriage is the love that the couple shares with each other, but it’s made all the more sweeter by making all the details work. One of the best ways to take your wedding up another notch is to hire a car ( made for the occasion. So why should you hire a wedding car?

1. A rental service knows what it takes- It takes something special to prepare a car for the big date. Rental services, especially those that specialize in big events such as weddings, know how to prepare vehicles for the big event. From adding special details on your ride to getting a professional driver, wedding car for hire services are properly equipped to provide you with the kind of service you need and deserve.

2. It’s your chance to ride on a special car- A special event deserves special treatment. To get the ultimate riding experience before and after your wedding, get a wedding car that best fits your tastes. From classic cars to luxury limousines, wedding hire businesses have an entire fleet of rides to choose from. Hiring their services will give you a chance to experience what it’s like to ride on a true exotic automobile. It is your wedding after all, so why not?

3. It is less hassle- You can always choose to use your own car for the wedding. However, that can be a hassle in itself. Planning for a wedding takes up a lot of time, and the last thing you want to worry about is preparing your ride for the big day. You will need to get your Whoops Wheel Fix It alloy wheel repair booked and done plus various other treatments for your car depending on the current condition of your car. By choosing to hire wedding cars, you get vehicles that are ready to go on the day itself. No worries, no hassle, just pure fun on the streets.

The first thing you might think when hiring wedding cars is the potential cost. Of course, if you are aiming for a really special car for your wedding day, that’s going to cost a significant amount. However, it is not as pricey as you may think. When you compare the actual value of the ride (as well as the price of maintenance) with the rental cost, the price of rental actually pales in comparison. What’s more, you are paying more for the experience of riding on such cars, which is something that cannot be measured by money.

Best Hair Removal Methods For Your Wedding

It would have been great if hairs didn’t grow on body parts that we don’t want them to. Or if sheer aversion makes them disappear like magic, but we all know those are not going to happen. Hairs will keep growing whether we like it or not, and all we can do is deal with them with hair removal methods to at least keep us hair-free and smooth. Speaking of hair removal check out Drakes of London for some partial male waxing, you won’t regret it! The results speak for themselves.

For women, especially on their big day this is especially a concern because we love having smooth skin that we like to show off by wearing shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops. Even in our faces, hairs are major concern because who wants bushy eyebrows or even a tiny hint of upper lip hair right?

To address this concern, here are some hair removal methods to help you steer clear from unwanted hair.


For small areas like eyebrow, or underarm, tweezing is a nice way to go. What’s more nice is that using this method, hair doesn’t grow back until about 3 to 8 weeks. On the other side, you may experience ingrown hairs when you pull in a wrong way or the hair breaks.


A lot of women use this method because it’s fast, pain free, and it works in any part of your body. However, the downside is you’ll start noticing hair growing back as early as the next day.


If you’re looking for a method that allows you to have longer intervals between sessions, waxing sounds good for you since you stay smooth for 3 to 6 weeks and it’s also applicable for any part of your body. But you’re gonna have to endure the pain because it will feel like being slapped repeatedly. Also you will have to wait until your hair is at least ¼ inch long for the wax to grab the hair properly before going for another session.

Laser Hair Removal

Long term result? Pain-free? Effective? You got all that with laser hair removal! Yes, at clinics such as The Wellness Clinic you will have to go through 6-12 treatments  before you see the result but after that you’d be hair free for real. It’s as permanent as it gets! So why not, with that kind of result, it’s worth the wait.

Hairs all over your body could be a stressful concern if you don’t know your options for hair removal. So, now that you do, you can choose what you think is suitable for you. But if you’re going to ask me, I’d have to say laser hair removal is a pretty good one.